Geogiga SF Imager 9.3 — Optimum Offset Reflection / GPR Data Processing Software

SF IMAGER is mainly used to process optimum offset seismic reflection data. It provides filtering, random noise attenuation, and deconvolution to improve the S/N ratio. You can import or pick velocities, migrate the time section, and generate a depth profile.

SF IMAGER is also used to process the ground penetrating radar (GPR) data.



  • Import seismic data and load all shots at one time
  • Check and define geometry with layout chart
  • Allow reversing of a seismic section
  • Elevation correction and first-arrival alignment static correction
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), trace balance, and time variant scaling
  • Scale, mute or reverse seismic traces inside or outside any shape of defined regions
  • Butterworth and Ormsby filters with band pass, low pass, high pass, band reject, and notch options
  • Random noise attenuation
  • Spiking deconvolution and predictive deconvolution
  • Import velocities from a text file
  • Pick diffraction curves and focus diffraction waves
  • Migrate seismic section
  • Time to depth conversion
  • Horizon picking
  • Generate instantaneous attributes of amplitude, phase, and frequency
  • Undo and redo any processing steps to compare results and adjust processing parameters
  • Support SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ASCII, MALA, ImpulseRadarnew, and other user-defined data format
  • Print ultra-long seismic profile