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Geogiga SF Imager 8.0 - Optimum Offset Reflection /GPR Data Processing Software

SF IMAGER is mainly used to process the optimum offset seismic reflection data. It provides filter, random noise attenuation and deconvolution to improve the S/N ratio. You can import velocities or pick velocities by recognizing diffraction waves on the time section, then migrate the time section and get the depth profile.

SF IMAGER is also used to process the ground penetrating radar (GPR) data.



  • Import seismic data and load all shots at one time
  • Check and define geometry with layout chart
  • Allow reversing seismic sectionnew
  • Elevation correction and first-arrival alignment static correction
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), trace balance and time variant scaling
  • Scale, mute or reverse seismic traces inside or outside any shape of defined regions
  • Butterworth and Ormsby filters with band pass, low pass, high pass, band reject and notch options
  • Random noise attenuation
  • Spiking deconvolution and predictive deconvolution
  • Import velocities from a text file
  • Pick diffraction curves and focus diffraction waves
  • Migrate seismic section
  • Time to depth conversion
  • Generate instantaneous attributes of amplitude, phase and frequency
  • Undo and redo any processing steps to compare results and adjust processing parameters
  • Support SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ASCII and other user-defined data format
  • Print ultra-long seismic profile