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Geogiga RTomo 5.02 - Resistivity and IP Tomography Software

RTOMO handles resistivity and IP data in a 2-D electrical imaging survey. It supports Wenner, Dipole Dipole, Pole Dipole, Pole Pole, Schlumberger, Wenner-Schlumberger and other general arrays. You can interactively delete bad data points, or use median filter, alpha trim and average filter. The high-resolution topographic correction method and robust tomography approach assure the processing quality.



  • Preprocess
    • Interactively delete bad data points
    • Remove noises with median filter, Alpha trim and average filter
    • Correct the effects of remote electrodes for Pole-Pole
    • Calculate the resistivity ratio
    • Undo and undo multi-step data editing
  • Topographic Correction
    • Edit topographic information within a table
    • Reduce the topographic effect with the iterative finite element method
  • Resistivity Tomography
    • Combine Zohdy method and the least-square method
    • Interactively pause or resume the tomography procedure
    • Review the inverted model in each iteration
  • Input and Output
    • Support Wenner Alpha, Wenner Beta, Wenner Gamma, Dipole Dipole, Pole Dipole, Pole Pole, Schlumberger, Wenner Schlumberger and other general arrays
    • Preview data information
    • Support the formats of ABEM, Res2Inv, XYZ, etc.
    • Save and print image
  • Graphic Plotting
    • Plot data section with linear or logarithm scale
    • Edit and save colorbar
    • Plot curves in the type of profile, sounding and ratio parameters
    • Display and compare original data, topographic corrected data and inverted model
    • Locate electrode positions
    • Show data points and get the cursor value in time
    • Scroll the ultra-long profile