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Geogiga Seismic Pro 8.0
Complete Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation Software Package


Geogiga Front End Front End - Seismic Data Preprocessingfree Geometry QC, gain control, filter, mute, vertical stacking, resampling, amplitude decay analysis >>
Geogiga Seismapper Seismapper - Data Mapping Plot velocity sections or seismic stacks in 2D section and 3D fence >>
Geogiga EFit EFIT - Event Fitting Interactively define velocity model and fit its refraction and reflection curves to seismic events >>
Geogiga Modeling Modeling - 1D Seismic Modeling Generate surface waves, refraction and reflection waves based on a layered velocity model >>


Geogiga Reflector Reflector - Reflection Data Processing Field static correction, gain, filter, decon, mute, velocity analysis, residual statics, NMO, stack, migration >>
Geogiga SF Imager SF Imager - Optimum Offset Reflection / GPR Data Processing Filter, deconvolution, random noise attenuation, diffraction wave picking, time to depth conversion>>


Geogiga Refractor Refractor - Refraction Data Processing Intercept time method, delay time method, ABC method, and GRM method >>
Geogiga DW Tomo DW Tomo - Refraction Tomography Estimate velocity model from first arrivals with ray-tracing scheme and iterative inversion >>
Geogiga DW Tomo3d DW Tomo3D - 3D Refraction Tomography Derive 3D velocity structure from first arrivals in 3D seismic survey >>

Surface Wave

Geogiga Surface Surface - Surface Wave Data Processing Handles active surface waves with SASW and MASW, invert dispersion curves with genetic algorithm>>
Geogiga Surface Plus Surface Plus - Advanced Surface Wave Data Processing Support active and passive sources, analyze passive surface waves with FK, SPAC and EPAC >>
Geogiga Surface3D Surface3D - Surface Wave 3D Mapping Plot velocity model generated from SURFACE or SURFACE PLUS as a fence or cube >>
Geogiga Microtremor Microtremor - Microtremor Observation Analysis Output the predominant period and frequency of a site from ground motions >>

Borehole Seismic

Geogiga XW Tomo XW Tomo - Crosswell Tomography Robust grid ray-tracing and regularized inversion, suitable for vertical or deviated wells >>
Geogiga VSP VSP - Vertical Seismic Profiling Separate upgoing and downgoing waves, build corridor stack or VSP-CDP mapping>>
Geogiga PS Log PS Log - Well Velocity Survey Pick first breaks, calculate interval velocity, average velocity, and Poisson's ratio >>

Geogiga RImager 5.01
Resistivity and IP Tomography Software Package

Geogiga RTomo RTomo - Resistivity and IP Tomography Topographic correction, Zohdy method and the least-square method, Wenner, Schlumberger >>
Geogiga RViewer RViewer - Resistivity and IP Data Mapping Plot resistivity and IP data in 2D section and 3D fence >>